Building the Perfect Modern Kitchen in NYC

Building the Perfect Modern Kitchen in NYC

Say goodbye to bulk, and hello to appeal.

Universal Renovation has done 100’s of Kitchen Remodeling projects all across the state far and wide. Over the years, we’ve noticed some trends that stand out in 2013, and will continue to progress as technology moves forward. For a Kitchen in NYC, these trends are fairly apparent.You can also contact experts from to avail the best painting services as it can make your kitchen more appealing.If you are looking for a trusted contractor who can work in your walls, we recommend checking this Moveable Wall Service Contract for a quote.

  • Modern Kitchen Remodeling NYC

    Crowded, clunky Kitchens for mundane tasks are no longer in style. Refrigerators and washing machines have shrunk in size, and clear walkways have taken their place.

  • Modern Ceramic Tiles in NYC

    New materials like Corona are often used in conjunction with all sorts of glass to create a modern look.

  • Space is accommodated for a brighter, more accommodating space that allows you to move more freely.

Its clear that what we perceive as “the modern kitchen” has advanced considerably. For example, refrigerators and stoves have shrunk in size, and tables are more often made of beautiful marble material.  This means that Kitchens are more open to an array of different styles and ideas that could be incorporated like never before.

Stylistically speaking, it isn’t uncommon to see a kitchen in New York with tall, compact cabinets with a wide inviting space for a center-piece marble table containing both a faucet and leg-room for a young couple or family dinner. Beside these cabinets, there would often be square-shaped windows (check the Sun Tint website) that let cool air into the kitchen to remove any unbearable steam from the stove. Above the center-piece table would be short, thin hanging chandeliers and a bright white ceiling to accommodate them.  Alternatively, dinners could be comfortably prepared on a modern table like this and brought in to the living room without having to sweat due to the benefit of having multiple windows and a large walkway to navigate through.  A modern kitchen in NYC often uses a number of different stylistic tiles, but the most unique and royal (so to say) are predominately black. And interesting enough, glass fixtures and cabinets have also become an integral part of these kitchens.

Modern Black Tiles for NY Kitchen

Modern Black Tiles for NY Kitchen

The reason for this is simple: You want your kitchen to be inviting. Your guests want to feel comfortable and free to discuss whatever the topic brings. When you install glass cabinets, you also invite other people into your home with open arms. Glass allows the person to visually see through your cabinets and grasp an idea of what kind of cups and plates will be put onto the table for the next course of the meal, it also tells them that you do not have anything to hide and are proud of your home. So, the cost of installing kitchen cabinets on your individual project may vary based on your needs. These are just some of the many ways in how modern kitchens differ today. We hope that you find are tips useful when you decide to work on your kitchen renovation project.


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