Bathroom Renovation in NYC and Donald Draper

Bathroom Renovation in NYC and Donald Draper

Foreign Bathrooms in New York could be as mysterious as Donald Draper


Bathroom Renovation in NYC

Donald Drapor shares a moldy bathtub with Harry Potter

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If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, then you’ve witnessed first-hand how under-wraps Sterling Cooper’s creative director, Donald Draper, is. However, as you get to know his character throughout the show he becomes more transparent and understandable (at least somewhat).  Bathrooms in NYC share similarities in that of their interesting history. For example, every now and then, unknown to the owner of a new apartment there is a bathtub sitting in their bathroom made of lead. This might come as a shock to many people, but its very possible that the previous owners were not aware of the negative symptoms caused by having a bathtub composed of lead, or they had no knowledge of the material the bathtub was composed of but with professionals anything can be changed and the high quality home renovations can make this happen. Bathrooms are mysterious places. Despite how frightening this might be, this is one of the mysteries that might be uncovered during a Bathroom Renovation in NYC. One of the more important, and common issues in New York bathrooms is mold.

Bathroom Renovation in NYC and Mold.

New York residents are used to the hot and humid weather that comes with summer weather. Often times, this is attributed to the mold that develops in their bathrooms over the years. Interesting enough, most of the time, this mold actually develops because of poor pipe and or wall conditions within the bathroom. When you look at the root of the problem surrounding mold it is moisture and the abundance of it. So how is it possible that the pipes or walls could have anything to do with growing mold? Well there are many reasons:

  1. Often times pipes inside bathrooms are constructed with weak materials or aren’t tightened fully. This lets water escape and build within the walls of the bathroom.
  2. Often times, walls are made of weak or soft material that lets mold grow easily.
  3. Bathrooms have been historically small and fit for tight quarters. The issue with this is that poor ventilation usually comes with a space made to fit be small.

Whatever the reason, its important that the bathroom be examined thoroughly to prevent these issues from occurring. You may contact a professional plumber for a residential plumbing system inspection. Hire emergency plumbers if you notice any leaks or issues with your plumbing system. Mold has been known to cause a number of health problems for both adults and children. That being said, all contractors and NYC residents should refer to New York’s Assessment Manuel on Mold for more information on how to remove the substance and prevent it as whole.


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