The Current State of the Housing Market

The Current State of the Housing Market

A winded summary

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Following the mortgage crisis which we are not so fondly reminiscent about, a number of homes were foreclosed and large scale projects put to a complete stop. The effects were absolutely devastating for many and a reoccurring echo of irresponsibility by many of the big players within the industry by homeowners and average Joes. Despite this, today we can see a significant return to the natural state of the market.  Late this July, Trulia, created a neat info-graphic for us to  see the results of their research.

We Are Approaching a Full Housing Market Recovery

All signs within the Housing Market point to a healthy recovery. It is now becoming much easier to find a realtor and home loan broker to work with, whether one is in the process of home buying or home selling, as more and more are getting active again as this recovery continues. The number of mortgages have begun to increase, the number of home renovation (approach the Toronto handyman for any installations and repair works to be done for your home) and remodeling projects have increased steadily, and the cost of homes have begun to rise to their normal levels. Even creditors are less shy about extending a helping hand to more people.  Most cities have seen increases in all of these sectors of up to 20%.  New York has seen a 6.6% gain in all sectors and remains relatively stable, indicating that it is unlikely to bubble again. Again, Trulia had this to say about the market Housing Market. This means that you to can increase the value of your home with a few simple renovations, a great example would be to start with curb appeal, keep your driveway nice and clean, or check out garage door screens. If you want to add some more privacy for the future homeowners, then a fence supplier would be able to assist you with that. All you need is some creativity for your renovations so think outside the box.

What does this mean for the average Joe?

Companies are attaining more market shares everyday. If Warren Buffet agrees, and so does Trulia, its very likely that we’ve reached a point where we can feel safe taking out a mortgage, buy houses from sites like, or starting a new remodeling project. We’re headed to the future, and the crash will likely be a blip, or a thing of the past which we’ve all worked together in fixing. So we can expect that the cities of America will continue to advance their infrastructure with the help of new home builders, and families will continue to expand onto new and better homes such as custom home building.



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