Tru Brix Installation in New York


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In order to create a brick wall, you need footing(something that will support the weight of the wall).  Often times, this means digging a least a foot down into the ground and filling your hole with a foot of cement to support this immense weight. This is both tiresome, and expensive. If you do not have the capability of creating the footing, or you don’t wish to do so in order to cut back on the costs, then we can supply and install a product called Tru Brix. The idea behind the Tru Brix mechanism is this: a brick wall without the hassle of digging in your floor or to your outside court. With a Tru Brix installation, your brick wall is supported by a track with is attached to the interior or exterior wall. These thin bricks are attached and then finished off with a mortar and a specific color that you would like. The benefits of this are:

  • A quick turnaround time
  • The capability of installing a brick wall where you normally cannot
  • And a large variety of vintage to modern styles that you can choose from

This can also be used as “exterior sidings” which is essentially what you would see outside most modern homes today.

Universal Renovation is the only remodeling company which offers a Tru Brix Installation in New York. We have the correct tools and knowledge to make sure that your job goes smoothly and effectively without the hassle, and you can also contact stair lift installers if you need to.  Watch our video below for more details on how the actual Tru Brix installation process goes from start to finish.